Lawn and Driveway Service Inc. offers the following services:

For temporary erosion control and permanent vegetation
"Double-Net" Straw Blanket
Used for final erosion control on State Hwy. 114 in Pope County along with straw mulch and rock checks.
Excelsior and Straw Logs - are used for controlling the flow of water and also to eliminate silts from going into the waters of the state.Sliced Silt Fence and a 9" Straw Log used for erosion control in a ditch bottom. Vegetation was left in place, also for erosion control.
Hydro-Mulching - used for permanent seeding on lawns and boulevards. A corn-starch tackifier is incorporated with the hydro-mulchFlotation Curtain - used along shoreline of lakes and rivers for sediment control.
"Rock Logs" can be used over and over again because it is heat-sealed to prevent rupture. It is also made of highly-concentrated "UV" blocking material with mono-filament weaving for strength and durability. The "Rock Log" is designed for the first line of defense in filtration for roadways and will trap particles as small as .1" diameter sand.ERTEC Products are used for inlet protection. These products are made from recycled plastic and are orange in color for added visibility.
Turf Establishment - proper tilage is the key to a good seed bed. Drill seeding is done on all jobs. Broadcast seeding is done when drill seeding is not possible.Erosion Control Blankets - wood fiber blanket, straw, straw/coconut, coconut, and synthetic blankets are used to prevent erosion in critical areas. These blankets also aid in the growth of vegetation.