Lawn & Driveway Service Incorporated

In 1973, Lawn & Driveway Service, Inc. was started. At this time, Richard Alama and Howard Dosdall were partners. April 23rd of 1975, Lawn & Driveway Service, Inc. was incorporated.

The business started out doing seal coating of driveways and sodding of yards. As the years moved on, the seal coating business was dropped. New homes and apartments were being built so there was a greater demand for landscaping around these buildings.

After two years Howard was the sole owner. In the spring of 1978, Vicky joined Howard in the landscaping business and gradually learned how the business was run and operated. In 1979, chain link fencing was added to the line of work. A few years later we were also striping parking lots and tennis courts.

In 1999 Vicky took over running the business and in 2001 became the sole owner.

Over the past years, Lawn & Driveway Service, Inc. has seen many changes. We no longer do fencing or parking lot striping. The change in the landscape business has also changed from doing mainly residential to now doing primarily highway work. The rural area in which we live had very little housing being built and very few office buildings or apartments. At this time, a decision was made to change our line of equipment to handle large scale seeding jobs. These can range from 10 to 200 acres on federal, state, or county road jobs. We also work on airports, wastewater treatment plants, industrial parks, and will work on residential yards if the timing fits our schedule.

As the years have gone by, Lawn & Driveway Service, Inc. has become a distributor/supplier of various products. We handle rolled erosion control blankets, rock logs, silt fence, flotation curtain, inlet protection, geotextile materials, and underground supplies. We also inventory lawn seed and ditch mix seed.

Erosion control has become a very important part of the business. Instead of being the last to the job site, we are now the first one there to install silt fence. In the past, turf establishment was done at the very end of a job, now we mobilize several times to seed and mulch in order to keep the jobs in compliance with the storm water permits.