About Us

Lawn and Driveway Service, Inc. is located in West Central Minnesota. As a turf establishment and erosion contractor, we work in a 100 mile radius of Morris, Minnesota. We have a full line of equipment to prepare the seed bed, seed, straw mulch or hydro-mulch. Sliced silt fence and flotation curtains are also installed along with rolled erosion controlled blankets.

Lawn and Driveway Service, Inc. is also a supplier of Western Excelsior’s Erosion Blankets, Sacramento Bag’s Rock Logs, ERTEC Environmental Products, Geotextile Products, and Underground Materials.

Lawn and Driveway Service, Inc. is a DBE/WBE Certified Business with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, South Dakota Department of Transportation, North Dakota Department of Transportation, Metropolitan Airports Commission and Metropolitan Council. We are also listed as a Targeted Group Business owner and in the Minnesota Small Business Procurement Program.

Lawn and Driveway Service, Inc. is a member of the Minnesota Erosion Control Association, the International Erosion Control Association, the Minnesota Land Improvement Contractor, the Minnesota Utility Contractors and the Minnesota Seeding Contractors Association.